The Crypto Bone

privacy and secure communication
under your control


Why Does The Crypto Bone
Protect Your Privacy?

We're living in an online world that is severely harmed by universal surveillance.

Our every-day lives in this world depend on complex and obscure services run by companies, that leave us with little alternatives to forcing ordinary users to give up their privacy.

In doing so, they also have substantially reduced our freedom. The freedom to share thoughts with other people confidentially.

It's time to take back our freedom and to have secure communications without the fear of surreptitious intrusions into our privacy. Secure communication is a right, not a generous concession.

It's time to take control yourself.

Why is it so hard to find a useful solution?

Ordinary users are no encryption experts, and they don't intend to spend the time to become an expert. Secure communication should be a matter of course for everyone.

On the other hand, there is no simple solution for secure communications ready to go. And the reason is simple: a solution is useful only, if it is secure, if it can defend against the numerous threats lurking around in the online world. To design such a secure solution is hard, because the threats are complex and constantly changing.

This fact makes people believe that they have to trust the internet giants to deliver and run secure communication for them, which they don't control nor understand or that they have to send their messages unprotected. And many decide to do exactly this.

The Crypto Bone is here to change that.

A well-designed encryption tool under your control

As all computers we use today are complex things and can be attacked in may ways, it will be prudent to delegate all the hard work of message encryption to a device - the Crypto Bone - that is prepared to work reliably as an isolated, well-designed tool with minimal complexity.

People who have tried to use encryption often find themselves in the desperate situation of managing all the different and confusing encryption keys. Key management is a really hard job and should better be done by a separate device, designed for that task. But it's also very important that you as the owner of the Crypto Bone remain in control of what happens.

In short, the Crypto Bone will make your life easier because it offers you a choice, you didn't have before: to escape the universal surveillance in a way that you control yourself.

The Crypto Bone:

Make yourself familiar with the Crypto Bone

If you think the Crypto Bone can help you to protect your privacy, you may be interested in more detailed information about this project.

If you don't have a Beagle Bone or Raspberry Pi you can still run the Crypto Bone on your local Linux computer with the ALL-IN-ONE download package.
This rpm package will allow you to run a software-based Crypto Bone within seconds after installing the rpm.

To explain the typical situation without all the technical details, I've put the essential idea into this ideal story.

If you are interested in the technical aspects of the Crypto Bone's inner workings this explanation is for you.

You can also download the complete Crypto Bone image file and the "cryptobone" control program from the download page, where you can find detailed information about the installation of both components.

Finally, there is comprehensive analysis of the Crypto Bone's security.