The Crypto Bone

privacy and secure communication
under your control


In a world of universal surveillance, ordinary users want
secure communication.

The Crypto Bone is just this:

Reliable encryption, made usable and secure.

A Personal Update on the Current State of the CryptoBone Software

I have invented and implemented the CryptoBone software more than eight years ago. Today, the current version of the CryptoBone software is 1.6, released in May 2023.

With the use of the Beagle Bone as the external device the CryptoBone got its name. In the last few years the development focused more on ordinary Linux computers as an external device. And consequently the CryptoBone software became usable even without any external devices (ALL-IN-ONE mode). I suspect, in 2023 almost all users will choose the ALL-IN-ONE option, although the external device option is still on board.

In 2016 the CryptoBone became available in FEDORA as a standard package and is updated regularly until today.

Lately I noticed, that the message transport via EMAIL is brittle for some users, because dedicated email adresses are sometimes hard to configure in the CryptoBone GUI, as the ISPs are starting to introduce all kinds of "protections" that come in the way of simple message exchange.

I am actually working on a message exchange mechanism (SafeWebdrop), that does not use EMAIL, but relies on minimal invasive code on a HTTPS-enabled server. This development is now finished and the new SafeWebdrop code has landed in version 1.6 of the CryptoBone.

In the meantime someone I don't know has taken the name "CRYPTO BONE" to market a cryptocurrency thing of his own. Needless to say, that neither I nor the CryptoBone project has anything to do with this, let's say, "activities".

If you don't have a Beagle Bone or Raspberry Pi you can still run the Crypto Bone on your local Linux computer with the ALL-IN-ONE download package.
This rpm package will allow you to run a local Crypto Bone on your computer within seconds after installing the rpm.

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